What are we waiting for ? - DVD

Transition: there’s so much talk about it, but who has ever seen it? Three years after COP 21, greenhouse gas emissions have continued to rise… everywhere in the world?

No! In Ungersheim, a city in the suburbs of Mulhouse with 2200 inhabitants, the City Council launched in 2009 a program for participative democracy, baptized “21 actions for the 21st century”, and comprising all aspects of everyday life: food, energy, transportation, housing, money, work, and schooling.

A story told by its protagonists, elected representatives as well as ordinary citizens. Jean-Sébastien, the young intendant of the municipality’s agricultural management company, who left his job as a vet in search for better, more ethical pastures. Muriel, co-owner of the new eco-hamlet, based on the BedZED model. Christophe and Lili, who converted the family farm to organic agriculture and started a new life as farmers and bread makers. Sébastien, Hayat, Céline, employed under occupational integration contracts at the Trèfle Rouge gardens. And of course, Jean-Claude Mensch and his deputy majors at the Ungersheim municipality, architects of the program articulating these different initiatives. They all deserved a film, so that their collective dynamic and their joy in putting their hands to the task would have an impact, and that, from municipalities to districts, spectators ask themselves: “What are we waiting for?”

Film recommended by France CULTURE and the AFCAE (France’s arthouse cinema association)
Audience Award at the Greenmotion Festival in Freiburg (Germany).


  « 'What are we waiting for?’ will really make you feel good! It miles away from the prevailing cynicism»

« "What are we waiting for?" shows us that politics still exists! »


« A magnificent film! One comes out of it full of enthusiasm»


What are we waiting for? DVD

Dual DVD All Zones

Movie: 119 minutes

Bonus: more than 50 minutes in 14 never-before-seen videos

Language: French

Subtitles: English, German, deaf and hard of hearing


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