Making pandemics

Preserving biodiversity to protect our health

Marie-Monique Robin’s new film
with the complicity of Juliette Binoche
and the scientific contribution of Serge Morand (CNRS).

SARS, Ebola, Lassa fever, or Covid-19: since the 2000s, humanity has been confronted with at least one new infectious disease per year. 70% of these emerging diseases are zoonoses, diseases transmitted from animals to humans.
In the movie we follow French comedian Juliette Binoche across four continents who meets “disease ecologists”. These researchers study the links between the modifications to the environment and the emerging of infectious diseases. Their studies show that this “pandemics epidemic” is caused by the acceleration of biodiversity collapse due to human activity. The scientists warn us: if we do not address the environmental causes, pandemic alerts will take over our lives and the cost - financial, human and ecological - will be colossal. Their solution to tackle this threat is "One Health": a global concept of health that takes care of humans, animals and ecosystems.

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AWARD : Special Prize in Deauville Green Award 2022; Best Documentary Feature in Shenzhen International Film Festival; Public Award in Festival Lumexplore.