Roundup facing its judges

Why come back to this issue almost 10 years after “The World According to Monsanto”?

Because in this film, exclusively dedicated to Roundup®, it is shown that the herbicide is not only poisonous, but that its effects are multiple. A carcinogen, endocrine disruptor, mutagen and metal chelator, its use may well entail a major health scandal whose magnitude could surpass that of asbestos, as glyphosate (the herbicide’s active ingredient) ends up everywhere: in the water, in the air, in the rain, in the soil and in food. Everywhere on Earth, it is apparent that this “kill it all” herbicide (as it is known in Spanish) causes sickness or death in soils, plants, animals and humans. It has long-lasting destructive effects on ecosystems, because its effects on living organisms create a chain reaction that reaches up to human beings, which is the very definition of ecocide.

Because bringing this situation to light is not the film’s only goal. As international agencies and governments showed themselves to be ineffective, the International Monsanto Tribunal proved that witnesses, victims, experts and simple citizens were able to take on this issue, and in the end obtain a legal opinion that could potentially change the course of international law. This might have brought us a step closer to the codifying of ecocide as a crime, which would allow the prosecution of the heads of those firms whose activities, on a broad scale, are a threat to our planet.

Behind seemingly inoffensive products, currently available in gardening departments, lies a major health scandal, but also the first step towards a conviction before the court of humankind.

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